The range of mining machinery and equipment has expanded over the years and now includes a wide range of equipment as indicated below :

Light Duty Utility Vehicles
Underground Light Duty Utility Vehicle - Personnel CarrierLight Duty Utility VehiclesUnderground Light Duty Utility Vehicle - Scissors Lift
Medium Duty Utility Vehicles
Heavy Duty Utility Vehicles
Underground Flatbed Utility VehicleUnderground Flatbed Utility VehicleUnderground Flatbed Utility Vehicle - with Crane
Cassette Carrier (MPV)
Hauler / Tractor
Underground Hauler (Tractor) 2Underground Hauler (Tractor)Underground Hauler (Tractor) - with CraneUnderground Hauler (Tractor) - with Cassette Carrier Trailer
Articulated Dump Trucks
Scaler – Rock breaker
Road Building Equipment
Underground Road CompactorUnderground Bottom DumperUnderground Road GraderUnderground Low Profile Road GraderBottom Dumper Trailer
Special Purpose Machines
Underground Trailer - Cassette Carrier with cassetteUnderground Pipe ManipulatorUnderground Heavy Duty Tow Vehicle (Towmaster)Underground Agicar
Maintenance Units
Underground Maintenance UnitUnderground Maintenance UnitUnderground Maintenance UnitUnderground Medium Duty Utility Vehicle - Maintenance Unit
Swing Loader
Swing LoaderSwing LoaderSwing Loader
Stonedusting Machines
Stoneduster - Bantam - mounted on TrolleySelf Propelled Stoneduster (Bateleur)Stoneduster - TrickleSelf Propelled Stoneduster (Bateleur)Stoneduster - Bantam - mounted on WheelsUnderground Self Propelled Stoneduster (Bateleur)
Bulk stone dust handling and filling system

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