Heavy Duty Utility Vehicles

Underground Flatbed Utility VehicleUnderground Flatbed Utility VehicleUnderground Flatbed Utility Vehicle - with Crane

Heavy Duty Utility Vehicles

The Bird Machines Heavy Duty Utility Vehicle is designed as a standard heavy duty flatbed vehicle that can be adapted to perform a number of specialized tasks. The simultaneous installation of a number of different pipes or a 10-ton/meter crane for the handling of heavy components. The heavy rigid frame, 4-wheel drive and 4-wheel steer makes the machine an ideal platform for the handling of heavy loads. There is an option to include a 10 ton/metre crane for handling of heavy objects.


  • Flameproof and non-flameproof
  • Standard base vehicle

A vehicle designed for the handling and transport of;

  • Utility cassettes
  • Bulk materials
  • Heavy components
  • Personnel
  • Explosives
  • 4 Wheel steer and 4 wheel drive
  • Rigid frame (non-articulated)
  • Front mounted or rear mounted crane
  • 10 ton load capacity